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      Liuzhou Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.(here in after as “the corporation”) was put into operation in 1967. It was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in July,2003, serving as one of the most valuable listed companies in Guangxi. The corporation has the synthesis ammonia production line with the world’s leading level patented technology of Shell coal gasification as the core, with annual total output of 3 million tons, including synthetic ammonia 600,000 tons, ammonium nitrate 500,000 tons, hydrogen peroxide 700,000 tons, urea 400,000 tons, UAN solution 200,000 tons etc. It has been certificated by ISO 9001:2008 Quality system, and it is a green chemical industry company with domestic leading technology, energy conserving and emission reduction as well as clean production.
    The corporation is located in the industry city in Guangxi-Liuzhou City. With the establishment of the china-asean free trade area, and Guangxi as the window open to the association of south-east Asian nations (ASEAN) in China as well as the forefront of pan-beibu gulf economic cooperation and platforms, Location advantage and translating is especially striking. From Liuzhou to Fangcheng port which is the nearest port of the sea distance from mainland China to ASEAN is only 400 kilometers. From Fangcheng Port to Haifang Port in Vietnam is only 151 sea miles, to Huzhiming Port is only 800 sea miles ,to Singapore is about 1338 sea miles and to Bangkok in Thailand is about 1439 sea miles. Shipping lanes can reach more than 250 ports of more than 100 countries and regions in the world .
      The corporation is the biggest export enterprise of ammonium nitrate in China, and exports are accounted for over 40% of the national total. “Dali”powdered ammonium nitrate and porous ammonium nitrate from its subcompany - Liuyi Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd., have been exporting to Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. of ASEAN countries for many years with a high reputation. Other dominant products as hydrogen peroxide, urea, sodium hydrosulfite and UAN solution have been sold well in more than 40 countries and regions, such as ASEAN countries, European and American countries and Japan etc.. And can well meet with the demand of development of southeast Asian nations.
    The company has always been adhering to the "win-win cooperation" principles of market, and adhering to the “customer satisfaction as the goal, creates the brand continued to improve”. For a long time the corporation has cooperated with the customers based on the omnidirectional and multi-level mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, and has provided safe and convenient one-stop supply chain services to our customers.

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